Rewind to the mid-Eighties when European pop was massive in Japan. At the heart of it were G.I. Orange, a talented, good-looking band that had the cheek to outsell such starry names as Madonna, Duran Duran and a-ha.

In silk jackets, shoulderpads and with shiny ruffs of blond hair, here was the Brit boy band who took Japan by storm. Mobbed wherever they went, they had smash singles, an album that went gold and sell out tours.  From Nagasaki to Tokyo, G.I. Orange were a sensation that would never be forgotten by Japanese fans.

They had a loyal following in the UK  and played at some of London’s top venues, featuring on radio, TV and touring with David Essex and Bucks Fizz.

They also landed an EMI record deal.

Their first release, Fight Away the Lover, went way up the Japanese charts, paving the way for Psychic Magic, which hit the number one spot in 1984, knocking Duran Duran’s A View to a Kill off the top place.

25 years later, they’re back together and determined to repeat their extraordinary success, which will delight their old fans and – without doubt – win a raft of new ones, too.


The G.I orange story...

Gary and the Whitworth brothers have all continued to be involved in the music business, but in 2010 the moment seemed right to reform the band. They are now busy writing songs, putting down tracks in the studio and playing venues in the London area. ‘We’ve ended up quite naturally playing stuff that sounds like the old G.I. Orange,’ adds Gary.